Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Temple of Montu at Tod in Egypt

Situated in the area known As El Toud 15 Kilometres from Luxor towards Esna.
I found references to this temple, I saw this temple some 4 years ago but could not enter as the entrance ticket has to be purchased in the Luxor Temple ticket office. There is not much to see and that is the reason I incorporated this trip with a visit to Esna Temple of khnum .from the photos you can see what little is left of this one time Pharaonic Temple. I also think this temple was never finished looking at the stonework on the furthest Temple precinct. The first photo really sums up how many people visit this ancient site, the village photos on show how hard it would be to find this temple without a local Guide.
As we enter you will see many of the broken stones

The main temple

Most temples have this kind of mud brick surrounding walls
that would have made the temple inpregnable to an attack.
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