Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unknown Temple

As I was on one of my outings Just get on a microbus and decided to stop anywhere that looks interesting usually to photograph the life in the village.the place I asked to get off was about 10 kilometer from Luxor On the Quena Rd and quite near the Nile. the village itself as about 200 meters from the main road along a dirt track and I was thinking this should be interesting and as there was a canal running through it maybe I will get some wildlife photos,I headed along through the village no one said nothing only in answer to my Good morning I arabic )Silfachacher) and answered silfachanoor, most likely thought I was an Egyptian, ( there are white ones here) heading towards the Nile I came across this Temple visitors are not allowed in but if I would see my way to giving the guard 100egp I could go in and take photos. from what I could see from where I was it was not worth it its only 70egp to go into Karnak temple. I just took these shots by the time I was ready to leave all the village was out there looking for money from the tourist that happened to come across their temple. we need money. we need your money. No thank you I said I do not need your money. they looked a bit stupid at me when I said that, then the one girl came out with no we no give you money, we need your money. so I put my camera away and legged it out of there. these toe rags really know how to spoil ones day,

I have used up my quota for photo upload to see the photos go to www.myegypt.co.uk