Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Egypt Tombs and temples

You can visit Egypts tombs and temples on the Myegypt blogs. if it carries on the way it is in Egypt  the muslims will demolish or sell  anything to do with life pre Mohamed.   there are a few of my bloodspots on line, even though the powers that be in Egypt downed  a few while I lived in Luxor Egypt, they cannot stand the truth getting out of Egypt  most of the Nile pollution and what they are doing to pollute the land and building on the wild life sanctuaries, have been taken down by the regime.  do not think for one minute that things have changed in Egypt since the youth revolution back in Feb 2010.  the old regime is still in power. most are now squabbling over the stolen land that was given to `mubarak and co.  Zahi Hawass could have done a lot more to protect egypt's treasures but he also is corrupt.  I gave Zahi Hawass A cd of artefacts that were about to leave `egypt. total black market value of over three million dollars, but he did nothing. things that leave via the devils country Saudi are left in peace. no one  going to hadge is searched.   not allowed to mistrust a brother.  and if something is found   line your brothers pocket brother, no questions asked,A list of my blogs are as follows   the blogs are what they say  I E, nile life of which there are  5 nilelife,  nilelife1 etcmy blogs are 
http://wildaboutwales.wordpress.com/  wild life  around Wales
the nilelife blogs are /1/2/3/ 4 and 5
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